Talk Your Draft + Write Your Book

Talk Your Draft, Write Your Book is a guided series of phone conversations that elicits your stories, expertise and ideas, and organizes them into a
complete first draft.

Together we dissolve writers blocks, identify your message, and talk each component of that book you’ve been wanting to write right into a manuscript.

When your big ideas won’t cooperate into book outlines. When anxiety defeats ambition. When you know what to say but not what to write: Talk Your Draft.

Why talk?

Out there in the world, we talk every day. What we don’t recognize, typically, is that the DNA of our deepest message lives there in conversation.

I hear your story’s DNA. As we talk, your work comes to life. You share stories, I listen between the lines. I ask questions that evoke your meaning and organize your ideas.

Our recorded phone conversations BECOME your content—from idea generation to book structure and strategy to finishing each chapter.

Talking takes care of the hard part. No more staring at a blank page wondering where to begin. No more stopping and starting and stopping. No more nausea at not being able to write what you know.

There’s something about talking your stories that loosens the debris blocking your writing. Letting the pen go releases the pressure of writing.

And, because we’re engaged in active listening, what you really want and need to say rises to the surface. Once we’re done, you have your first draft manuscript without writing a thing.

Why me?

Because I’m a professional listener. A professional question asker. An expert synthesizer and seasoned solopreneur.

I’m a produced playwright who used to ghost write, and a former writing voice for guru personalities. I’ve been a brand and copy writer for change experts going on 10 years, and before that work began, I wrote interview features and a weekly column for city magazines.

In even earlier days, story was my survival. I learned to listen microscopically, to the stories we tell ourselves and each other, to find understanding and perspective. Yes, I know how to tell stories but, more importantly, I know how to HEAR them. I know how to help YOU tell them. I hear the terrain of your journey and I can see the horizon for you when you’re stuck in the trees.

I’ve also been trapped behind enough writers blocks to know how to solve them with serenity. The secret is moving through them. I’ll show you how. It’s deep, alchemical work and it will make your message speak directly to your readers what they’re longing to hear.

Story Charming gets your stories flowing, and then helps you tell the ones that matter. Equally charming is the strategy that preps your work to meet the world that’s waiting for it.

Why you?

You are an agent of change and you’re ready to write the book on it. You’re an expert in your field yet your writing misses your magnetism. You’re maybe a better talker than you are a writer. Or your presentations lack presence. Or, you just don’t have time to learn how to write a book.

One thing’s clear. Your message is ready to be heard.

  • You challenge and change systems to help others better their lives.
  • You know the benefit you contribute, and you aim to magnify it. You just need help turning your thoughts and stories into content as compelling as your mission.
  • You also know that if you want to change your audience, and the world, you have to evolve, yourself. Clear expression, honest communication, and transformational work are your touchstones.
  • You crave quality one-on-one time with someone who’ll meet you vision-to-vision and toe-to-toe in support of your creation.
  • You want a soulful midwife in the down-to-earth business of change.

“What if I’m blocked?”

The surprise is that your best material lives in your creative blocks. Blocks are not there to stop you or spite you. They’re there to pull you more deeply into your meaning and spit you out at a higher volume of expression.

The creative block is a treasure box you have yet to open. If you can listen to where you’re stuck, see it and really feel it, the block opens to give you inspired content: Gleaming insights and surprising depth you wouldn’t have discovered had you not had to pick the lock.

Whatever form your block takes, where ever it lurks, I meet you there, lock pick kit in hand, and lead you through it. You will reach the other side.